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An Unbeatable Warranty for Peace of Mind

Our 20-year warranty on labour and GAF's 50-year non pro-rated warranty on materials offers welcomed peace of mind for our clients.

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Photo Gallery

Time to Replace!

Year of patches and rubber cement can leave your roof looking like this. Call us today to turn your roof into something you enjoy looking at!

What A Mess!

Does your roof look like the picture on the left? On the right is what it will look like after we are done!

Full Exterior Renovation

Does your home need a full makeover? We work closely with other trades to not only give you a beautiful new roof, but connect you with siding installers, window installers, and many other exterior renovation professionals.

Mansard Style with Garage

Here we have a beautiful mansard style roof. This style of roof shows the deep and rich colors of our Timberline HD shingle.

Simply Elegant

Here we can see the rich color of our Hickory Timberline HD shingle and 302 model Maximum Air Ventilators

New Plumbing Stack Flashing

When plumbing stack flashings are installed, you are not supposed to see much more than an inch or two of the flashing exposed below the shingles. If yours looks like the picture on the left, consider calling us to repair your plumbing stack flashing so it looks like the picture on the right.

Velux Sun Tunnel

Here is an example of how a Velux Sun Tunnel can light up dark spaces in your home using nothing but the power of the sun.

Alurex Gutter Covers

Do your gutter fill up with leaves every year? Are you tired of climbing a ladder to empty your gutters? Ask us to install Alurex Gutter Covers!