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An Unbeatable Warranty for Peace of Mind

Our 20-year warranty on labour and GAF's 50-year non pro-rated warranty on materials offers welcomed peace of mind for our clients.

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Ottawa Eavestroughing Services

While gutters can add curb appeal to your home, its the functionality of them that counts.

If we deem it necessary, Markelangelo's roofing will include adding gutters to your home when doing an estimate for your roof. We feel it is our responsibility to educate you of the importance of their use when not using them can dramatically reduce the longevity of your roof.

Not using them can also create an unsightly colour difference between where the water runs off an upper roof surface and lands on the lower roof surface, this along with preventing potential foundation problems as well as "ruts" in the grass and flower beds.

In order to harness the water coming off the roof we regularly install water barrels so you can reclaim hundreds of gallons of water very year for grass and garden watering.

For those who have problems with leaves in their gutters we install a quality aluminum gutter cover. They're much more affordable than you may think and will save you time not having to clean out messy eavestroughs and lets not forget the potential safety hazzards associated with cleaning them.  Ask our estimator to see a sample as well as where it goes and how it works.