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An Unbeatable Warranty for Peace of Mind

Our 20-year warranty on labour and GAF's 50-year non pro-rated warranty on materials offers welcomed peace of mind for our clients.

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Recycling Program

RecyclingIn the last few years we have changed the way our business impacts the environment by using recycling programs available at local participating lanfills.

All garbage, shingles, metal and wood are separated before we take our dump trailers to these facilities. When you see our jobsites you will notice everything coming off the roof isn't simply thrown into the trailers but stacked in its own area so we can load the materials in a certain order. Each waste product is then put into its appropriate container at the lanfill and processed seperately.

The shingle material removed off the average roof provides approximately 40 ft worth of single lane paved road. All of the wood is ground down and sent off to mills, the metal is shipped out of the landfill and recycled.

This is what being a Certfied Green Roofer is all about and we have now been part of this movement for several years.