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An Unbeatable Warranty for Peace of Mind

Our 20-year warranty on labour and GAF's 50-year non pro-rated warranty on materials offers welcomed peace of mind for our clients.

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How We're Different

In the late 90's I started Markelangelo's Roofing. I wanted to take a different approach to roofing as the people in this business as a whole were looked upon as undesirable and untrustworthy. This didn't make sense as the dollar value of the average roof isn't inexpensive, and lets not forget that your roof protects everything you love and own.

I decided better materials and good workmanship was essential in this business as well as honesty and integrity. I've worked hard for almost 20 years to build up a reputation where my clients have a "just get him to do your roof" attitude when refering me to friends and family. I appreciate this greatly as I have worked hard to get this approval and respect from clients and peers.

If we have done your roof and you are concerned about anything just call me, my name is Mark and all I want is for you to be satisfied with the end product.


Here are a few things that go into every MARKELANGELO'S Roof that not all companies include in every roofing job. This can be confusing for homeowners as some aren't fluent in roofing terms and frequently can't differentiate the materials used in all of the estimates they have aquired.

By default these are the materials we use on every roof we install.

  • GAF or Certainteed shingles, high end ice and water shield and roof underlayments
  • Maximum Air roof vents
  • Metal drip edge at all eaves (up gable ends if desired)
  • GAF Weather Blocker or Pro-Start starter strips, which help prevent shingle blow-off
  • New 26-gauge pre-painted steel valley flashing at all valleys
  • New plumbing vent flanges.
  • Bathroom and stove hood vents are replaced with Maximum Air bath and stove vents
  • Velux fixed mount, curb mount and sun tunnel skylights
  • Eavestrough are cleaned
  • New chimney and wall flashing, prepainted steel chimney caps (if required)